Thursday, May 15, 2008

OCL Web Challenge #23 Wrapping UP

Celebrate! That I am! I finished the challenge and I feeeeel good!

There were a lot of favorites, I opened a del i cious account and have used it on more than one occasion to my surprise. Of course the library thing is a lot more efficient than my various lists of books I have read and then misplaced. I enjoyed the podcasts and since before I had only inadvertantly recorded them to my library in I Tunes (never remembering how I did). Now I know and will definitely explore this again. I knew there was a lot on the internet and never realized how much. My RSS feeds helps in that regard to sort through. I liked the flicker account and will definitely use that as I am constantly taking pictures (much to my family's dismay).

One of the things that I was not crazy about was that some of the things such as flckr required different passwords and different accounts - Yahoo was required. I now have two google accounts - one for my home use and one for the challenge. It was hard rememering all of the passwords.

I think the best thing for me is that I now know what all the fuss is about and can join in the conversations of more computer savvy grown children and younger colleagues and patrons. It was a great experience and I hope we have more like it! I am definitely on board for life long learning and I know I can do it!

OCL Challenge #22 Listen NJ

I did this on my home PC. I have an Apple IPOD so I couldn't download it to that. I browsed the site and followed the instructions to Download & Install the free software Overdrive Media Console. It was relatively easy to and I checked out Pride and Prejudice and just clicked on chapter one to see if it all worked and lo and behold I was able to hear it from my computer. I was happy. I hope IPOD's will become compatible in the future as I think it would be great to listen and walk! Thanks for giving me the key to another wonderful library tool!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OCL Web Things #21-Finding & Listening to Podcasts

I have I Tunes on my computer and I have an ipod. I looked on and found this . It is from Oprah and it is on spirituality. I also put it in my I Tunes library under podcasts and put it on my ipod.

I also have 993 songs in my library in I Tunes and have them on my I Pod. I subscribed to the following podcasts : Meet the Author,'s spirit channel, Take Control of Your Career Intervention and WOR - Dr. Joy Brown.

I have only used my I Pod in the past for music but this will add another addition to my world - dd's world.

OCL Web Challenge #20: YouTube & You

I explored You Tube-watched the video on how it got started. I didn't realize that it is only three short years ago in 2005 that this whole thing was born. Amazing Simply Amazing. I saw a lot of interesting videos but this is the link I picked

I love American Idol and I have watched it from the beginning- I love David Cook and even voted (only the second time I have ever done so)

Monday, May 12, 2008

OCL Web Challenge #18

I watched the turorial about Google Docs. It was pretty simple and easy to follow. I went to the OCL email address that was listed on Ocean Net. I added my name and clicked save and close and understand that an asterisk will be put next to it.

OCL Web Challenge #19

We have a lot of activities at our branch. I think one of the ways we could use this would be write a document about one of the programs at our branch for example for our Earth Day function. We could write a document and each person in the branch could write their suggestions or comments on one document in present day time rather than emailing and attaching their edits or comments where it gets very confusing

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Challenge #6 More Photo Fun

Gingerbread House
Originally uploaded by stargazer8
Here's the Gingerbread House but now it is coming from my flickr account.